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At Yebisu, experience the theatre of Teppanyaki grill, as succulent meats and seafood are prepared and cooked by highly skilled masters of the art directly in front of you. Revel in this luxurious experience where each of your senses are awakened to rich tastes, scents, sounds and textures. Choose to dine in our main room or in the intimate setting of one of our three private dining rooms, with seating for groups of up to 10.

Of all the Teppanyaki delights, none is more tantalizing than our specialty Yebisu Beef, which is found exclusively at Yebisu, Tokyo's finest Teppanyaki restaurant. Yebisu Beef is Premium Kuroge Wagyu, a breed of Japanese black-haired cattle raised in Kagoshima Prefecture, developed by Executive Chef Toshio Numajiri and Head Chef Hiroyuki Saito, in collaboration with Nozaki Farm. The beef has the perfect balance of tender red meat and fat, leaving a light aftertaste.

Visit the 22nd floor of The Westin Tokyo, where Yebisu Teppanyaki restaurant offers exclusive signature dishes of Yebisu beef and Yebisu hamburger steaks. We welcome guests for lunch and dinner daily.

Family Plan

Food Education Experience: Hamburger Workshop

8.1 (Thu) - 8.31 (Sat)

Experience the joys of cooking with this "Food Education" plan, where children will get to learn how to make delicious hamburgers in family with the guidance of our expert chefs.

An explanation on ingredients served in the course menu such as Yebisu Beff, Abalone and Spined Lobster will be given using fun and interactive materials like coloring books and textbooks. In addition, pictures will be used to kindly explain the different parts and characteristics of our signature Yebisu Wagyu Beef.

To top it off, a meal featuring the hamburgers the children made will be served to enjoy in family.

Price: 34,000 JPY
From 11:30 AM to 2:30PM (last order)

*Please make a reservation at least 3 days in advance.
*Reservations are available for up to 3 to 8 people including adults and children
*Price includes the course menu, kids plate and private room fee (additional kids plate: 4,200 JPY)
*Available for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old (for those over 13 years old, the hamburger workshop will be available for an additional 4,200 JPY)

Click here for other family plans

Special Kaiseki

Midsummer Special Kaiseki

7.1 (Mon) - 8.31 (Sat)

Our Midsummer Special Kaiseki brings you the igniting flavor of Summer with a selection of seasonal ingredients.

Pamper yourself with a delightful selection of dishes such as "Abalone with Steamed Flavored Vegetables" which features a whole grilled abalone and "Deep-fried Summer Pufferfish" which elegantly brings out the characteristic flavor of each ingredient. Top off this Teppan experience with a luscious cut of our signature Yebisu wagyu beef.

Dive into the spectacle of Teppanyaki cuisine prepared right in front of your eyes alongside the glittering and enchanting night views of Tokyo.

Price: 41,500 JPY

French-Style Teppanyaki

French Summer Teppanyaki Course

6.1 (Sat) - 8.31 (Sat)

Treat yourself to our Summer French Teppanyaki.

Revel in this limited-time course where our Teppanyaki masters turn carefully selected premium ingredients into delicacies such as "Steamed Lobster with Salted Lemon Butter Sauce and Asparagus" as well as a luscious grill of our signature Yebisu wagyu beef paired with truffle sauce.

Indulge in the rich aroma of seasonal ingredients and savor the taste of Summer at Yebisu.

Price: 46,500 JPY

Test 2
Premium Course

Premium Yebisu Wagyu Beef Course

Immerse yourself in this course featuring the finest Matsusaka beef carefully selected by the head chef of Yebisu.

Prepared right in front of your eyes by masters of the art, this luscious lineup of dishes features culinary highlights such as the grilled mackerel and a cut of our mouthwatering loin and fillet steak.

Relish in the elegant and delicate flavor unique to Matsusaka beef and elevate your senses with this opulent Teppanyaki experience.

Price: 30,000 JPY

Weekdays Only

Yebisu Beef Sukiyaki

Offered in limited quantities, this Sukiyaki lunch set features a traditional flavor incorporating new and innovative cooking methods.

Prepared on the hot plate right in front of you, luscious and tender beef is grilled and served with fresh seasonal vegetables, grilled tofu and sukiyaki sauce.

Relish in the elegant taste of Yebisu beef and marvel at the cooking skills of our master chefs.

Price: 9,000 JPY