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Classic Menu

Teppanyaki Yebisu Irodori & Ajiwai Course

A special opportunity to experience the different textures and tastes of four varieties of Yebisu beef: Sirloin and tenderloin of both Red Yebisu and Black Yebisu, which have been specially created through an endless pursuit for ideal beef starting from the development of an ideal raising method.

Ajiwai Lunch & Dinner Course 
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Irodori Dinner Course 
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Lunch Menu

Teppanyaki Yebisu Lunch Menu

Delectable hamburg steak and savory Sukiyaki are few of our many lunch offerings available for your Teppanyaki experience.

Yebisu Weekday Lunch Set
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Yebisu Lunch Course 
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Lunch A La Carte
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Dinner menu

Teppanyaki Yebisu Dinner menu

Visit the 22nd floor of The Westin Tokyo, where Yebisu Teppanyaki restaurant offers exclusive signature dishes of Yebisu beef and Yebisu hamburger steaks.

Yebisu Dinner Course
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Dinner A La Carte
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All prices are subject to applicable consumption tax and 13% service charge.